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WAQF (plural Awqaf) stands for an important Islamic institution which we have inherited from the past, and which possess immense potential for social and economic development of Muslim communities. Making a Waqf is considered a virtuous act, an act of spending in the way of Allah, which carries great reward. For this reason, throughout Muslim World and in all regions where Muslims inhabit,  Awqaf has had a formidable presence.

Social scientists attribute the plight of Muslims, interalia, to overall poverty and hunger. “A hungry stomach suspends the functional ability of the mental faculty and therefore suffers from lack of awareness” they say. In-spite of Shariah ordained institutionalization of Zakat and Auqaf, the poverty stricken majority of Muslims (with a minor group of economically affluent), marks a painful paradox in Muslim communities. Those who can afford do not care for others who deserve their care most. However, some of the philanthropic Muslims of olden days took care to contribute their share for the up-liftment of poor and downtrodden. Thus they left behind them a glorious asset of numerous waqf properties

1. Muslim Auqaf Trust (MAT)-Historical Account:

In 1940, an idea of collective and organized management of Muslim wakfs was conceived as a part of popular movement. At that time a number of important Muslim religious places like Shahi Masjid, Srinagar, Mujahid Manzil, Masjid-i-Akhoon Mulla Shah, Ganderbal, Masjid-i-Dara Shukooh and many others were under the occupation of the then State Government and were being used as Sales depot, Grainery, Tehsil Office and Stores for arms and ammunition etc. An organization called “Idara Auqaf Islamia” was created with Jenab Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah as the founder President and most of the shrines, mosques and other Waqf properties including the sacred shrine of Hazratbal, where the Holy Relic of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW is placed, were brought under its control. A Constitution was framed which provided setting up of Majlis-i-Uzama (General Council) as the Supreme authority and a Majlis-i-Intizamia (Working Committee) for smooth and democratic functioning of the organization for protecting, maintaining and managing the shrines, mosques and other properties affiliated with the Idara.
In 1973 the Majlis-i-Uzama considered it necessary to transform the organization into a Trust for general welfare and efficient management of the ever-growing constituent units of Muslim Waqfs, Khanquahs, Mosques, Shrines, other religious places and institutions and properties attached thereto. On August 31, 1973 in a huge gathering of Muslims at Hazratbal, it was resolved that the Idara Auqaf-i-Islamia be transformed into a Trust called “All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Auqaf Trust’ with Jenab  Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah as the First Trustee and Chairman for life. The Trust Deed was drawn on September 23, 1973. He was succeeded by Dr. Farooq Abdullah as Chairman and Managing Trustee with effect from September 8 1982.

2. Promulgation of Ordinance and Conversion of MAT into Muslim Wakf Board:

In Sep.2003 an  Ordinance viz the Jammu and Kashmir Specified Wakafs and Specified Wakaf Properties (Management and Regulation ) Ordinance,2003 was promulgated, by virtue of which  various Shrines / Mosques & other properties under the management of erstwhile MAT were brought under the control of newly constituted  Jammu and Kashmir Specified Wakaf and Specified Wakaf Properties Board. Subsequently, a Bill was placed before J&K Legislature for enactment and the same was passed in January, 2004 as an Act entitled: "THE JAMMU AND KASHMIR BOARD FOR SPECIFIED WAKFS AND SPECIFIED WAKF PROPERTIES (MANAGEMENT AND REGULATION) ACT 2004”  came into force.

The Act was  amended in 2005 and the words “Jammu and Kashmir Specified Wakfs” were substituted by “Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Specified Wakfs”.

Composition of Board: As per the Act:

  • The Board shall consist of eleven members, all of whom shall be Muslims.
  • The Chief Minister of the State shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Board and if he happens to be a non-Muslim, he may appoint an eminent Muslim from the Council of Ministers, to be the Chairman. The remaining members shall be nominated by the Chairman as under :-
    • Three persons who have distinguished themselves in the service of Islam in the State;
    • Three persons who have distinguished themselves in administrative, legal or financial affairs ;
    • Three persons who have distinguished themselves in health, education and social service; and
    • A woman who has distinguished herself in the social service particularly in the empowerment of women in the State.

 Accordingly a Board of Directors as provided in the Act was constituted with Chief Minister Jenab Mufti Mohammad Syeed as ex-officio Chairman of the Board; Other members nominated by the Chairman were as under:-
1.Mufti Mohammad Bashir-ud-Din Ahmad, Mufti Azam, J&K State.(Member)
2.Prof. Syed Mohammad Tayub Kamili, Principal, Oriental College of Jamia Madinat-ul Aloom.(Member) 
3.Dr. Sidiq Wahid, Vice-Chancellor, Islamic University of Science & Technology.(Member) 
4.Mr. G. A. Lone, Ex. Secretary, Law Department.(Member) 
5.Dr. Nusrat Andrabi , Ex- Principal, Women’s College, Srinagar.(Member) 
6.Mr. Muzzaffar Ahmad Khan, Rajbagh, Srinagar.(Member) 
7.Dr. Mohammad Amin Masoodi, Registrar, Islamic University of Science & Technology.(Member) 
8.Maulana Mohammad Ashraf Andrabi, Chairman, Shah-i-Hamdan Trust Pampore, Pulwama.(Member) 
9.Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Bhat, Retd. Director Health Services.(Member)

Constitution of New Board in February 2009

The term of the Board expired on Feb.8 2009 and a new Board of Directors was constituted vide SRO 25, dated 09-2-2009. The following were nominated as members of the Board:

  • Prof. M.Y. Qadri, Ex -Vice Chancellor, Kashmir University.
  • Mr. Ali Mohammad Sagar R/o Srinagar.
  • Mr. Sheikh Ghulam Rasool, Ex-Chief Secretary R/o Gupkar Road, Srinagar.
  • Kh. Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Mattoo R/o Nageen, Srinagar.
  • Maulana Reyaz Ahmad Hamdani R/o Pampore.
  • Ehsan Ahmad Mirza S/o Mirza Mohi-ud-din R/o Mirza Bagh Nageen Lake, Srinagar.
  • Maulana Showkat Hussain Keng R/o Srinagar
  • Dr. Mehraj-ud-din R/o Srinagar.
  • Mr. Abdul Rahim Rather R/o Badipora, Tehsil Chadoora, Kashmir.
  • Mrs. Nusrat Andrabi, R/o Rajbagh, Srinagar.
Constitution of New Board in June 2015

·         1. Jenab Mufti Mohammad Syed, Hon'ble  Hon'ble Chief Minister of J&K State (Chairman)[Subsequent to demise of Jb. Mufti Mohammad Syeed, Mtr. Mehbooba Mufti Hon'ble Chief Minister functions as Chairperson of the Board.] 

·         2.Peer Mohammad Hussain Vice Chairman J&K Muslim Wakaf Board.

·         3.Mufti Bashir Ahmad Farooqui, Imam, Dargah Hazratbal Srinagar.(Replaced by Dr. Bilquees Jameela vide Notification dated: 18th September 2015)

·         4.Maulana Showkat Keng,

·         5.Azhar-ul-Amin, Advocate J&K High Court

·         6 Mr. Gh. Hassan Shah, Retired Director, Horticulture.

·         7. Mr. Khalid Muzaffar, Retired Chief Engineer

·         8.Dr. Muzaffar Former Director General, Health Services (former Member NDMA) [Replaced by Maulana Showket Ali Masoodi  vide Notification dated: 29th June 2016] 

·         9.Dr. Bashir Ahmad Nehvi, Professor, University of Kashmir.

·         10.Prof. Mushtaq Qureshi, University of Kashmir and

·         11. Mrs. Mian Altaf Sarwar, Social Worker

Subsequent to resignation of Peer Mohammad Hussain, Vice Chairman of the Board, Mr. Nizam-ud-din Bhat has been appointed as member and nominated as Vice Chairman of Muslim  Wakaf Board vide SRO No. 526 dated 26th of December 2017 and later on he has resigned from the vice Chairman. 

List of Vice Chairman appointed/ Chief Executives and other Officers deputed by J&K Govt till date

Name Of The Officer
Date Of Deputation
Mr. Nayeem Akthar (KAS)
Vice Chairman
Sept.2003 to 26-02-2004
Mr. Mohd Shafi Pandit (IAS)
Vice Chairman
Mr. Iftikar Ahmad Andrabi
Chief Executive
3/05 to 25/12/2005
Mr. Syed Altaf Hussain Andrabi (KAS)
Chief Executive
29/5/2006 to 30/4/2008
Syeed Ahmad Syeed
Chief Executive
Prop M.Y Qadri
Vice Chairman
 8/2/2009 to 

 Peer Mohammad Hussain

Fayaz Ahmad Lone

Nizam-ud-din Bhat


Bashir Ahmad Dar

Vice Chairman
Chief Executive
Vice Chairman
Chief Executive
 23/03/2015 to 10/2017
06/2016 to 04/2018
12/2017 to