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NIT for construction of WC blocks at Naqshband Sb, Srinagar


WAQF or its plural Awqaf stand for an important Islamic institution which we have inherited from the past and which possess immense potential for social and economic condition of Muslim countries and communities. Making a Waqf is considered a virtuous act, an act of spending in the way of Allah, which carries great reward. For this reason, throughout Muslim World and in all regions where Muslims inhabited, Awqaf had a formidable presence. Social scientists attribute the plight of Muslims, interalia, to overall poverty and hunger. “A hungry stomach suspends the functional ability of the mental faculty and therefore suffers from lack of awareness” they say. The poverty stricken majority of Muslims marked with a minor group of economically affluent, is a painful paradox in itself. The aristocratic expenditure on lighting, illumination and wasteful dinners in Muslim marriages, particularly when the ill fated poor are striving hard for one time meal in the same vicinity is a painful and criminal negligence on the part of Muslim community.

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  • NIT for construction of WC blocks at Naqshband Sb, Srinagar
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